Dark Night

I close my eyes and take a knife
Took a deep breath and stab it in my chest
I twist it hard trying to destroy my heart
Thick red blood is dripping hard and fast
Strange how with every stab I make
I feel my pains going away
I look around at this peaceful glow
Beautiful,like petals of roses scattered in the snow
The pain the grief the sadness the jealousy the agony
All seem to be healing in a blissful ceremony
One final look for the one last sign
And I find my self in the same old time
Don’t you worry my dear,don’t even cry
Soon I’ll doze off again,and start it all again

Copyright © 2015 Narcissus101. All rights reserved.


18 thoughts on “Dark Night”

  1. Painful to read. I spent many years now counseling adolescents – and I can relate the feelings through my experience with them – and of course my own painful adoloscence. The pain is tangible in this, as is our own ways of release from such pain.

    As I replied to you at dverse, you are buried under a bunch of second day poets that don’t really read others, just drop their verse and disappear. I hope you take the time to read and respond to others, as I am sure they will appreciate your verse.

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  2. That is a painful experience – to read about or to write about, I would imagine. I’ve counselled girls who self-harmed and, while I empathised with them, I never really understood why someone would want to inflict such pain on themselves. And then I realised that when you can’t quite give a name to the mental anguish (or even fully comprehend it), then having a physical outlet, something clear to point to, is a form of release.
    I like your lack of punctuation, which hurries the reader on into this horrifying experience, but was wondering why you chose to start each line with a capital letter. That, to me, acts almost as a stop…

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      1. That’s OK – sometimes poems mean different things to different people. I’m always amazed by the interpretations some of my readers come up with…


  3. Oh the dream of death.. the longest dream
    of now that knows.. ah the respite
    of life.. a tasteful way
    knowing delight..
    ah the dream of death
    goes on in knowing
    why.. oh to live in
    death.. is courage..
    is courage.. is never
    ever giving
    will over fear
    over love

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