My Life After You

The pen in my hand staring at white blank pages

Nothing comes to mind except for those faces

I tried to live with the Ghost of my shadows

Even tried to smile in my haunted meadows

But the letters of the past shouldn’t be opened

For the echoes of the heart should never be spoken

From Dawn to Dusk, in their eyes I have a life

Though I battle the same Demons every night

Wet sleeves like dewdrops on leaves

Empty eyes with nothing to believe

If you knew How I am without you

A mourning dove in winter without a clue

You would come back to me in an instant 

And whisk me away from the edge of my existence 

Copyright © 2015 Narcissus101. All rights reserved.

Something I wrote for the wordle challenge from Daily Prompt


10 thoughts on “My Life After You”

  1. This is my favourite one I’ve read for this wordle challenge so far. Sticks to your usual themes and style, the words don’t seem forced in there, some nice rhymes and half-rhymes and great imagery that really stood out to me, such as “A mourning dove in winter without a clue” and “Wet sleeves like dewdrops on leaves”. You know how you said I’m “goood”? Well, right back at you. 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome. 🙂 Would only say it if I meant it. I was toying with selecting one of your poems as the one I’d reblog on my site either next Wednesday or the week after…and you’re referenced in my latest Author’s Note (although not by name, so you may have missed it). Regarding the reblog, if you’d sooner I selected someone else instead then that’s okay – I guess it depends on whether or not you would want more Followers or Likes or whether that isn’t important to you. Your call.

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      2. Instead of reblogging on Wednesday as I’d planned, I wrote a piece for the A Prompt Each Day #21 challenge which was inspired by both this poem, your username and “Betrayal”. See I also linked to those poems and encouraged people to read all of your poems.

        If you’re uncomfortable with me having done this and would sooner I deleted the “Narcissus Reborn” poem from my site then just say the word and I’ll make it so.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. no no its okay I am honoured, I have a question how come you upload your work so quickly, YOU were suppose to be my inspiration,lol, so now you’re not gonna mind if I use your poem(please),,

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Phew! Pleased you like it. I’d be honoured if I was the inspiration for one of your poems. 🙂 Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

        I work from home for two companies, which does mean that when the muse strikes me I’m already sat in front of my computer. Quite helpful for my writing. 🙂


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