Do You Know Her

Do you know the girl who loathes this world 

Like an angel forced to live on Earth

Look for the story in the innocence of her eyes

The pale cheeks and fake smiles

How she hides her demons every night

Still dances under  the star light 

She may sit in dark in a painful gloom

But will illuminates your heart like the sun and the moon

She is talkative in the crowd of millions

Yet a prisoner of shyness since her existence

Broken, battered, but she won’t bend

Only fate knows how this one will end 


34 thoughts on “Do You Know Her”

  1. She will forget her wall,
    And in weakness
    Find the path to surrender
    To something larger,
    Something with a permanence beyond her short breath,
    Something eternal that she will bequeath this world

    She will live in beauty,
    Never forgotten.

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  2. Talkative but a prisoner of silence – a bit like the clown who smiles on the outside but cries on the inside. I think we all have some kind of paradox in our identity. What matters is do we recognise it and deal with it. That’s the hard part. An interesting poem.

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  3. Welcome and glad you could join us. This is a hard-hitting poem – and yes, I think I’ve known quite a few girls like that. Perhaps that’s why we found our way to poetry – a way of combining words and silence. I hope she dances under the stars and forgets a little of the darkness at least occasionally!

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  4. the introvert angel with clipped wings, that has to shut out a lot of the black noise around her, for as an empath, brutality/evil/greed/dishonesty tears at her skin, puts micro-cracks in the darkest corners of the welcoming chambers of her heart; oh yes, we have all met this girl; and for some of us, she has become the focus of our lives.

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  5. Welcome, Narcissus. This powerful poem you write describes so many of us in one way or another. I think those of us who write poetry often feel a bit displaced in this world and you express it so well. Hope to see more of you here at dVerse.


    1. Well, I have used three of my qualities here surely, but the whole thing is not just about me. I could never write like that ( I just don’t like to expose myself like that in public). But I also think that you can see a bit of reflection of the artist in his/her work. So yeah my work does contain a little bit of me but it sometimes will contain an inspiration based on an emotion that I felt, however will depict the story of someone else. It’s hard to explain what goes in my mind when I write, my experiences, the way I see life, the way I see people dealing with life. I hope all of it can make a bit sense for my readers.

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