Dragon’s Loyalty Award Nomination


It is an honour for me to say that  @isoempathy has nominated me for Dragon’s Loyalty Award. It’s not been more than 3 months since I have created this blog and yet I have found incredibly nice and sweet friends. @isoempathy is one of my most trusted friends here. Thank you so much for nominating me. 


13 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty Award Nomination”

      1. Oh I didn’t meant it in a negative way, it’s how I see stuff, that if you are a good person then you WILL have a good friend, yeah maybe not during your whole life,but you will find them one way or another,

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      2. It’s true that sometimes good people end up having bad friends but I believe that life is about balance,it’s true that today you have bad company but if your soul is pure you will end up with people that admire and care for you like you deserve to be cared and loved.THAT is my belief.

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      3. Absolutely. To be honest with you, I have always felt like I have been EXTREMELY fortunate to have had amazing friends in my life. I have been unable to accept that love and care from them, but those genuine offerings have been there.

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