These Days

Looking at the past from a broken door

Wishing for a future that can’t be yours

Shackled by the words of despair,I dare not say

I am a prisoner of today, trying to find my way

I stand alone in a void these days

Hollow and battered soul slowly decays

Dry eyes heavy with stale memorise

Staring hard,looking ahead filled with worries

These days I fall and fall and just fall

I hope to shine before the final curtain call


17 thoughts on “These Days”

  1. Sometimes the weight of depression seems an impossible burden to shed and it becomes who we are. Fight back my friend and you will shine.
    Write to me if you wish – email address on blog.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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    1. Oooh thank you so much,,but I Am NOT SUFFERING FROM DEPRESSION,,I am so thankful to you for your support,,but please I am OKAY,,it’s so hard to explain to people that my work is a result of everything I feel and sense,,like I could write a love poem after watching a movie even when I won’t be in love,I could write something sad after hearing my friend talk about her troubles even when I’ll be really happy with my life,it’s like you see or hear something and you’re inspired to write about it,and my writing is also pretty realistic, I know life can never be fairytale so I don’t mislead my readers, I know I don’t make sense,but that’s how I am.


  2. Ah.. yes .. for those experiencing life with few emotions to no hope.. most all left is a serpent of reptilian brain for survival.. this thing lives..
    but doesn’t live.. at all.. in the colors
    of hope
    make a rainbow
    of human real..
    where pots
    of GOLD
    live in
    yellow holes..:)

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  3. You paint an interesting picture of someone who seems to be shackled to the earth, and yet, the falling bit seems a lot like Icarus who dared to fly to the sun. Dark…but with a hope for light in the end. Nicely written!

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