AUTHOR’S NOTE : On D’verse there was a post about Japanese Death poems, how the monks and literate people would write their last words or messages. I was so inspired by it that I  thought of writing my own Death poem.( I am not dying or anything just how would I say Farewell to my loved ones.) When I thought of “my Loved ones” the first person that came to my mind was my sister. She is 4 years younger than me and I love her more than I love myself but the thing is, my love can never be equal to the love that she has for ME. When we were kids I once got a bad cut on my chin, it needed a few stitches. So when my mom took me to the ER ,the ER nurse stood there with the medical kit and asked my mom who is the patient, cause both of us ( me and my sis) were crying so hard as if both had a cut on their chins and they both needed stitches.That is her love for me, that even though I was the one who got hurt but she felt it as if it was she. I won’t say I love her to the moon and the back because the love we share cannot be measured by anything.


There I lay on my broken bed
Like a princess from the fairytale we once read
Your tears splash upon my face
Like dew drops on wet leaves in summer days
My soul aches with the sound of your cries
I wish I could hold you tight and tell you it’ll be alright
Just close your eyes and think of all those times
That meant nothing, but were one of a kind
Warm fingers tingle the lifeless hands
Cold lips yearn for a kiss before it all ends
My mind is in a whirlpool trying to find a way
For the little words that I never get to say
“I love you, I’ll miss you and this’ll all be okay
I’ll be always be with you for every sec of every minute of every day”


21 thoughts on “Farewell”

  1. This is very touching ~ If I may turn this into a tanka, it would be:

    Your tears on my face
    like dewdrops on summer leaves-
    Red robins tiptoe
    to sing you a love song, so sweet
    You’ll always remember me

    It would also help if you visit and read other poems to give you more ideas on how to write haiku and tanka poems ~ Have a good week ~

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  2. Beautiful the love of your sister. While this doesn’t fit the form, it is a most worthy and beautiful poem. As Grace has suggested, you may want to visit the other linked poems to read – and also comment on the works. there are some excellent examples posted here today that may help you. I have no siblings but this poem shows me how great and wonderful that love can be. thank you for the message in it.

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      1. No problemo. the links to post expire but you can still go back at your leisure and read. I think you will enjoy all the different views on death and how hopeful many of them are. Blessings to you at this holy time.

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  3. ^^^
    Seriously you should NOT
    have to give an excuse
    for HAVING a LIFE..
    We live in a very
    busy world..
    and not everyone
    has time to read and
    comment.. but i will tale
    you this friend.. i for one
    enjoy the opportunity to
    connect with the souls
    of others and truly
    Love the
    describes LOVE
    as Unconditional
    and NEVER EVER
    but yes this
    is a practice
    that NOT all
    practice in all areas of
    life.. what i enjoy most
    about the Muslim
    religion is it is
    more than
    a Sunday
    of Lip
    service that
    dies as soon
    as most
    of the congregation
    exits the door..:)

    Anyway.. there’s
    always room
    and another
    opinion from
    a ‘doctor’

    I’ve written 11 million words
    on the Internet in the last
    five or so years.. my sister
    has read most all of
    them.. and she never
    comments and
    she rarely
    and she
    rarely even
    talks to me..
    in flesh
    and blood
    life.. as she
    is busy
    out and
    but she
    Loves me..
    and that’s
    my mother
    and never the
    suits and
    dresses of
    so-called modern
    Christian Churches
    that i still attend every
    Sunday.. where nary a
    person even reaches out
    a hand during the Lord’s
    prayer of Unity.. and nary
    a person even sinGs
    in Joy for the
    of Life
    GOD gives
    us in Unison..
    my friend..:)

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  4. This made me think of my relationships with my three sisters and how close we are and how could I handle losing one of them. A beautifully done tribute to an unlimited love between you and your sister…very touching. Thank you for sharing this with us all today at dVerse.

    Gayle ~

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