A Letter From a Muslim

My Dearest French Brothers and Sisters!

    Today the media gave me a terrible news about an inconsolable loss. I saw an innocent nation under attack for the reasons I cannot understand. Once again, today I saw fear and panic in the eyes of many French fathers,  mothers,  brothers,  sisters,  aunts,  uncles. And all of this was done in the name of a religion that condemns hatred and violence, MY religion, ISLAM.

    So my dear French Brothers and Sisters believe me when I say “I know What You’re Going Through”. I won’t Have to imagine the pain of your loss because I can feel it. Trust me when I say that when tonight you’ll sleep with fear, so will I. You will fear the terror of 13/11, and I will fear the consequences of 13/11. Believe me, when the gunshots of this day will haunt you in the later days, the same sounds will taunt me about the guaranteed sorrow and darkness in my future days.

    For you see my French Brothers and Sisters, today muslims shot and killed so many honest and innocent people of France, yet it wasn’t the “MUSLIMS” who fired the gun that took the life of a loving husband or of a courageous son or of a protective brother. It wasn’t the “MUSLIMS” who killed themselves in the suicide bomb attacks and ended the life of a passionate painter or of a righteous politician or of a sweet and hardworking teacher. All of this was done by heartless creatures who label themselves as Human as well as Muslims.

    But Alas, my Friends the world won’t see this, for the grief and pain and sadness and sorrow and anger and hatred will blindfold them. And you will see, it won’t be long before the hatred towards Islam will spread throughout the entire western world.

    My Friends when you will stitch the wounds of your loved ones today, I will try to mend the hearts of all those children who will be bullied because their name is either Muhammad or Ahmed. And when tomorrow will come and you will mourn your innocent loved ones, I will grieve for the dishonour of my Pure and Holy Religion.

     So you see my French Brothers and Sisters You and I are not that different. Our loss,our pain is the same. Our Hearts grieve while our eyes weep for the same reason. The only difference is that all of the Muslims say “ We Stand With You France”, however the West never says “We Stand With You ISLAM”.



                                                                                 A True Muslim


42 thoughts on “A Letter From a Muslim”

  1. I think you are wrong. There are many people in the world who don’t choose to label these crimes as “Muslim.”

    Personally, I find the violence in the predominantly Islamic regions just as distressing. I feel pain for anyone who is simply trying to live a good life- and finds themselves caught up in the crossfire of zealots.

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    1. Okay maybe I am…….but the thing is West never focus on those, (and I am not blaming anyone,just pointing out a fact), Iraq war, Afghan war,,,all of that was due to attacks like this. So the thing is that the retaliation will be so great that it’s feared it may destroy us all

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  2. Well put and eloquently said. I just hope that the Paris attacks wouldn’t cause another wave of Islamophobia. I’m not a Muslim, but I know for a fact that Islam is a beautiful and peace-loving religion. These attacks were not done by real Muslims but by people masquerading as Muslims, using Islam as a pretext for their barbaric and horrific acts of violence…


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  3. This is soo touching.. I really appreciate your effort as well as courage to let people know the truth. It boils my blood when heartless creatures like those who did the attacks on Paris label themselves as Muslims. I hope that one day these people will be caught and revealed for whom they truly are.

    Lots of love,

    PS: I also wrote a poem regarding the attacks on Paris… its called “Consequences” hope you ll read it.

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  4. I stand with all true Muslims! Your words are so clear and beautiful. They bring to mind the Holy Spirit of Muhammed, PBUH and you certainly have done Him justice as one of His cherished followers! Thank you for reaching out to us often hard headed westerners!

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  5. Beautifully and truthfully written. Some of us, both individual and governments, DO stand with Muslims at such times – however, it is true that we are sadly in the minority still.

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  6. I stand with Islam. Thank you for coming to post this important letter at Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Survival. It is definitely a survivor story. In the spirit of our community of blogging poets,

    I must tell you three things in case you chose to keep visiting or to become one of us: (1) The poems need to be new for the prompt on Wednesdays. (On Sundays, we take older poems that you have written and love–and you may want to put this one there.) (2) We expect you to visit and read and comment on other poems posted. (3) We want you to put a link here that leads to the prompt at Poets United.

    I hope we’ll see you again, Narcissus.

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  7. For me I stand with humanity as whole, if you are Muslims, Christians, Buddhists or Atheists… in the eyes of god and all humans we shall be measured by our deeds toward any human, no matter what what. The purpose of the attack to make the people of the west react just like the most loud-spoken have done. To me both Daesh and many of the right-wing extremism stands for a brown ideology of separating humans..

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  8. I think it is very hard for Muslim communities throughout the world and some of these face daily violence from extremists and others from prejudice. It is sad that hate crime towards Muslims in the UK has gone up and one of our newspapers in particular seems to stir up emotions. However I do believe most ordinary people try to eventually see through this. That words of the French man who lost his wife are there for all who want to hear to listen to.

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      1. Thanks, it’s just that I am from a really small town, and when I heard about the attacks I was devastated, I knew the consequences would be so bad, so I wanted to shout and yell at the top of my voice to let the world know that MY Religion is NOT this. That is why I asked you to share it to any other social site.

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      2. I come fromLondon and it is a very mixed city with so many people from so many backgrounds. In Spain we live in a small town environment and I can understand your thoughts. I will be linking to a peace site soon so will come back to your piece then.

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      1. Like I have said before, I am from a really small town, so I just want the world to know the real Islam and how a Real Muslim feels towards this incident, ISIS is not Islam…that’s why I asked you to share to anyother social site..


  9. I was in a small shop the other day and a Muslim male (his dress identified him) came through the door. Silence at first then one voice piped a hallo to him and everyone else followed. The blame true Muslims carry is enormous and unfair. Well done for reaching out in this way.

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  10. Humans are humans
    and when Love is not
    grown in the garden
    of human
    lifeless cogs
    in a machine
    of whatever rules
    them.. these terrorists
    are simply lost young men
    who have no love or
    social roles
    to bind
    them with
    love.. as
    life now..
    in the
    US.. OUR
    young males
    are truly no
    just lone
    wolf’s without
    other wolves
    A call
    for death..
    with dark
    ideology of
    fear’s hate now..
    whenever human
    elevates human to God..
    no matter if it is an only
    son of God
    or the last
    word here or there..
    freedoms are lost..
    people are lost..
    God lives
    best in Love
    of heArt.. expresSinG
    SpiRit of balanCinG
    mind and body
    Now.. the only REAL
    answer to this is Love..
    and i live in a small town
    too.. with relatives who are ignorant
    of the true loving nature of folks who
    call their religion Islam.. i do more
    than talk the talk..
    i walk with Muslims
    and share their
    of Love as same
    as loving WE..
    in my community
    of hard hearts of
    as well..
    one loving hand
    at a time.. takes
    PATIENCE.. but that is the greatest
    jewel about the Internet.. WE finAlly
    have the ability to hold hands with Muslims
    in places where the hijab is never seen at all..:)

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