When I Miss You

I am chasing my dream to go back in time

With a blade in my hand I sing the old rhyme

They ask me ,What do I Miss?

I wanna say everything, though I remember nothing

The cold steel hits the warm skin of my arm

The pain brings back the once forgotten past

Your calm voice in my ears

A Beautiful smile, I haven’t seen in years

I saw the old you

The happy, the pure, the real you

But you go away as the pain goes away

I need to cut again If I wanna see you again



16 thoughts on “When I Miss You”

  1. Relationship of
    pain and emotions
    are strange bedfellows
    for sure.. but i do
    know that if
    we can
    bring that
    Love as us..
    all the pain..
    both emotional
    and physical
    can go away..
    and personally
    that’s the miracle
    i both know and
    feel works
    for me..
    Magic Love.. now..
    and stays as well..
    as sure.. i’ve been
    to this place too..
    where i scream
    at the ceiling for
    any feeling
    at all..
    more horrifying
    than the scariest
    movie of all
    as real..
    and i hope
    for this place
    for you as well..
    as force of Now Love REAL..:)

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  2. Cutting is one way that some use to cope with their losses and disappointments. I do understand why but it is only self-destructive and does nothing to bring back what once was. A painful place to be in… A powerful write, thanks for sharing.
    Gayle ~

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  3. For me the cutting is a metaphor, & a sad reminder that conjuring up pain in order to relive the past is effective but self-destructive; it is the letting go of the pain, the negativity, the moving on/forward, flooding the senses with new experiences, that leads out of the darkness.

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  4. Pain is real and necessary to put to the crucible a relationship but real pain is not self destructive but one that tests in fire so that you may know if what you have is gold. I love your poems but I pray you do not forget your true worth so as to resort to a wrong kind of pain.

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