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Cross Roads

Now again I am standing at the cross roads

With empty soul,while my heart stays at your door

I long for a kiss in the sun and in the rain

The one that’s suppose to heal all of the pain

What is right and what is wrong

Tired of waiting I lose faith and hope

Every night I look up to the skies

And asks GOD for a different life

“I am tired, I’m confused, I can’t make it” I say

HE gently smiles and shows me a sign each day


Blue Moon


Sobbing eyes can’t shed a tear

Trembling lips can’t say what they fear

I didn’t know it was so hard

To smile with your broken heart

Across the room I see you smiling

Like the way you always do

I feel a tingle inside of me

Wishing I was the one there with you

Under the blue moon 

I will wait for you till its June

And no matter what the other people say 

I will always hold your hand anyway

White face, brown eyes

Black hair that always shine

You would look good in anything you wear

But what about the things your heart bears

And no matter how hard it gets

I won’t left a tear for you to shed

But my soul burns to ashes,as I see you dancing

Where am I in the picture you were taking

Can’t you feel my soul dying

Can’t you see that I am jealous about it

Under the blue moon

I will wait for you till its June

and no matter what the other people say

I will hold your hand anyway

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